Intraoral films are intended for direct exposure routine intraoral radiographs. This films are supplied in the 30,5x 40,5mm size (ANSI, ISO format 2) and for children 22x35 mm size (ANSI, ISO format 0). Each sheet of film is enclosed in a lightproof soft plastic envelope.

Product benefits

  • high speed gives low radiation dose to the patient
  • high contrast and maximum density
  • fine grain emulsion for optimal image resolution
  • hygienic packing, which enables disinfecting the envelope using common disinfectants

DENTIX intraoral films can be processed manually or in processors with standard chemicals.
The Fomadent concentrated solutions are recomended for processing the film for to obtain the best results.
– for manual processing Fomadent D (development time of 4 minutes at a temperature of 22 °C)
– or automatic procesing Fomadent MD (procesing time 4 to 5 minute)

DENTIX D, DENTIX E and DENTIX X-stream F should be stored in the original packing in a dry and cool place at a temperature from 10 °Cto 21 °C and a relative humidity max. 60 % protected from damaging fumes, gazes and ionizing radiation. For long-term storage the film should be stored in a refrigerator. In such a case before use, the film in the intact original packaging should be allowed to adjust to room conditions for at least 2 – 4 hours.